Google Map Your Virginia Wine Tour

Build customized Google maps for planning the best Virginia Wine Tours - to Fauquier County Wineries

   Generating a customized Google Map with printed directions, all in one convenient page, is a snap using our custom Google Maps pages. We've made it easy for you to put together custom maps to your favorite Fauquier County Virginia Wineries. Input your address/starting point, select 1-4 wineries, and get a custom Google map to all your stops.
    Select your origin point as your home address, or, optionally select a Bed and Breakfast from our list of Fauquier County B&B's.     As an added feature, your route will be "optimized", with Google calculating the optimum route from and returning to your starting point.

If your Virginia Wine Tour is starting from one of our participating Bed and Breakfast/Inns, select it from the following pull down and don't enter an address in the box:

Select B&B start point:

Enter your starting address (if not a B&B from above)

Enter non-B&B start point:

If you'd like to include a restaurant stop to pickup lunch, pick from the following pull-down list.

Note that, if you select a restaurant, your route will NOT be "optimized" by Google. You should select the order in which you want this stop to be, 1,2,3,4 or 5.
Example: if you want to stop by the restaurant to pick up lunch to take with you to the first winery, then select "1" as your restaurant stop. If you want to eat lunch at the restaurant, then use a number in the middle. If you want it for dinner, select 4 or 5, depending on whether you're visiting 3/4 wineries.

Pick your restaurant:

Now pick what stop (1-5) you want your restaurant stop to be:

Now select any 1-4 wineries from the boxes below:

Now, you can choose to have Google "optimize" your route, which will render the most efficient route. If you choose YES, then Google will attempt to come up with the best route. If you choose NO, then your route will be rendered in the order with which you select the wineries you plan to visit, in the order they're selected. You can do this over and over, without having to re-type your selections, so feel free to try it both ways.

Optimize your route:

Click any 3/4 wineries to get your map!

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